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About BookShelf

What is BookShelf?

We are a community where you and your friends can share what is on your shelves! Let's say you create a bookshelf. Now you will load your bookshelf with all of your favorite books that you own and your personal rating/description of it. You can then have discussions with your friends about what book you recommend, or what you want to read next. You could maybe even host a book club! Your shelf is your opportunity to share all of your interests ranging from (text)books to movies to your favorite snacks! Get Started now to find out what all the buzz is about!

How does a Shelf Work?

You create a shelf that is relevant to one category using the following steps:

1. Go to your Profile

2. Select the Create Shelf Icon

3. Select a Category for your Shelf

4. Finish Creating Shelf

Now you may add items relevant to the shelf!

Now you have a shelf and items, you may start discussions about one of your shelves with your friends. You may also go to your Friends and browse their shelves!